Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another Ultrasound

I had an appointment with Dr. Luikenaar on Monday and everything went pretty standard. I asked her if I could get a temporary Handicapped Parking Permit for when I need to go somewhere and I don't have someone to drop me off at the door. She said that was a good idea and she would sign the papers...she just didn't know what papers need to be signed. :) So I did some research the next day and found the form for her to fill out, and dropped it off for her this morning. The office is going to fax it to the DMV for me, and that's that! Easy!

So we also heard the heartbeat again, which was normal, and measured my belly. Two weeks ago I was 26 weeks and measuring 30 cm. This week I am 28 weeks and measuring 32 cm. So I'm still 4 cm too big, but at least it's been steady. After all of the fun stuff, I got two different nurses -- one gave me a shot in the butt, and the other poked me in the arm to draw blood. :( But the good news is that my Glucose test was fine, and my Iron level is fine.

This morning, I had another ultrasound. We did the standard stuff, measuring the head, and legs, and heart rate. I wanted the stenographer to tell me which bump is what body part, because I can't figure it out. His head is down in my pelvis, his bum is above my belly button, and his feet are kicking me in the right ribcage.

Dr. Byrne came in and we took an AFI (Amniotic Fluid Index) which was still a 32. Then of course, Dr. Byrne poked, and shook and jabbed the poor kid for a few minutes, and still no movement. We got a great view of his tongue, and it did move, which is good, but still no swallowing. His belly is still empty. Here is the little clip of his tongue moving.

The Nurse got the cutest view of his little lips and nose, but didn't snap a picture. It was just plain adorable. I teared up a little bit. We could see his lips, and his chubby chin, and his nostrils. I wish I had a picture to show you. But here are some that she did save.

This is his face. You can see his eyelids and his lips. I love those chubby little cheeks!!
This is a video of the same shot. The little circle on the left side is a cross section of his arm. At the very end of the clip you can see it move just a little... That's movement at his shoulders that the doctor looks for. His shoulders move pretty well. I've seen his arms in all different kinds of positions. He's usually in a boxing pose, though. My little fighter.

Here's another profile looking at the side of his face, focusing on the tongue.

And.... yes. It's a boy.

Dr. Byrne asked if I had talked to Dr. Luikenaar about delivering at the University Hospital, and we all agree that would be the best option. She asked if Bleu would be able to come home for the delivery, and I told her that we aren't sure. But I did ask her if I were able to carry to a certain number of weeks and be able to schedule a C Section; there may be a possibility for Bleu to be here. You know, if we could plan ahead if I carried far enough. I asked how far do I need to carry for everything to be okay. She said that she would be comfortable with anything after 34 weeks and 36 would be better. It was kindof like "let's try and make it that far" I really don't think my body will be able to hold till 38 or 40 weeks..and I'm beginning to feel like Dr. Byrne shares that prediction. So 36 weeks is the goal 34 would be okay.

One of the things that Dr. Byrne said that I should be watching for is leaking fluid. I have heard that some women aren't sure when thier water breaks. So we talked about that, too. She said that there are a few differences between leaking fluid/water breaking and loosing control of your bladder. Coughing, sneezing, laughing, or sudden movements can cause you to wet your pants a bit. She says that usually is very short, and quits. Fluid continues. Activity level is a good clue too, because if I'm laying down watching a movie, reading, and start feeling wet, that would most likely be fluid. Also she said if I wake up in a puddle, that's fluid. She said that because the reason for my water to break would be from the pressure, and that would cause the fluid to gush more than leak and that I should head to the U when that happens, and go straight to Delivery, not Emergency. If it's an unlikely false alarm, I'm there, and we can check everything out to make sure I'm okay to go home.

Dr. Byrne asked if Dr. Luikenaar had checked my cervix at the last appointment. I said no, and she said that we might do that next time. Probably to see if it's closed, or if there's any dialation.

Because he's not swallowing, I asked if he will have a sucking reflex and if he will have to stay in the hospital until that is resolved. She said that will be one thing that we will have to wait to see; sometimes babies aren't born with the reflex, but develop it, and he does need to stay in the hospital until we find out if he has it, if he will develop it, or if he will be able to eat at all. So I asked if he isn't able to suck or swallow, will we put a feeding tube in? She said that there is that possibility. A feeding tube can be put through his nose into his stomach, but those are only temporary (about 2 weeks) and if the development takes longer than that, they will probably put a tube straight through his tummy to his stomach. I've had experience with these, and that's not a problem. I even know which model and accessories I want! :) If the tongue thing is neurological, there is a chance that eating orally may be learned later in life. But again...we'll have to wait and see. But it's good to be prepared. Whatever the case may be, I feel very strongly about having him just on my milk and not the feeding stuff they give them in the hospital. So I might be feeling like a cow, but he's getting the nutrition he needs. :) MOO.

So there ya go. Not really a whole mess of new discoveries, but no news is good news. I feel better this week mostly because I'm learning to chill and sit down. I think that the bed rest is going to be good for the both of us. I will need the extra energy after the surgery. I have an appointment with Dr. Luikenaar on April 7th and another ultrasound on the 15th.

We are so excited to see him!! Love you all


muumar said...

It's pretty exciting what they can do these days. I agree that it is nice to be prepared, not an option when I was havin kids. You're awesome.

Carlson Clan said...

Good luck with everything. I admire your optimism. Hopefully your bed rest won't become too much of a drag!

Tim and Amber said...

Wow, you are awesome with your positive attitude! Good luck with everything and I will keep you in my prayers!

Kimber Bowen said...

You are amazing. Your lovable kind and joyous personality shines through. I hope bed rest hasn't been too hard on you. Good luck and you are in my prayers!

Matt and Heidi said...

I think it's so cute that you already know what accessories you want to go with the feeding tube, lol! I'm so excited that you get to see Bleu for Easter!
By the way: I PHOTO TAG you!!

The Christensens said...

I found your blog off Heidi's- hope you don't mind! Love the ultrasound pictures. He really looks like a fighter. My sister has a 2 month old baby girl that has a feeding tube and oxygen because of her heart defect. It hasn't been easy, but they have made it through. You are so awesome and strong. Goodluck with the bedrest- praying for you guys! Danielle

Brett and Cherice said...

You are awesome!! Good luck with everything:) He is so hansom in his pictures I love his cheeks!!:)