Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I have been trying to post for a long time, and actually started a few times but never finished. Well, as most of you know Bleu came home at the end of September. We were all really excited for the day to come and super happy to be together as a family. Ella was comfortable with Bleu as soon as he held her, just like I thought she would be. She LOVES her daddy just like she did when he was home in May.

So here's a funny story about Bleu coming home: I had cut all of my hair off and colored it about a week or two before he came home, but he hadn't seen it. Ella had also grown at least double since he'd last seen her. So when the plane landed, Bleu said that everyone was looking out the windows and pointing out their families and getting excited. Bleu told them "I don't even know what my family looks like!" So he gets off of the plane and starts looking around. He looked a little bit like he wasn't even sure if we were there at all. I finally caught his eye; he smiled and we met in the middle of the crowd where he said "Hey, cutie." :) I handed Ella to him and he couldn't believe how much she had grown. The two of them have been like two peas in a pod. Ella loves to swing and get tossed by Bleu. And of course, every morning that it's possible, they have their morning cuddle time.
At the end of October we went on our first big trip to California to see Bleu's family for a week. Ella went on her first plane ride. I was a little nervous, not knowing how she would handle being on a lap for such a long time, but she loved it.

She squealed, and touched everything in her reach, looked out the window, smiled and giggled at the lady sitting next to us, fell asleep about ten minutes before landing, but didn't wake up when we touched down. On the trip back she slept most of the way. It was a relief that she was so easy going for the trip.

We were able to go and see Bleu's Great Grandma Bea, Ella's Great Great Grandma! She turned 103 in May and she's still going! She really enjoyed having Ella visit and wanted to hold her the whole time.. EXCEPT when Ella pinched her. She said "OUCH! She pinched me--Help!" After she was kissed better, she wanted to hold Ella again. We had a good laugh about it. We were able to get a pretty good 5 generation picture with everyone looking at the camera, although it was a little tricky getting both Ella and Grandma Bea looking at the camera at the same time. :)

Well now we are back home and Bleu is starting to get serious about getting back to work. He is doing AFTP's at the airport and had a few interviews this morning. So hopefully we will be hearing some good news soon. That's all for now! Love you all and I'll try and update a little bit more often.