Friday, June 10, 2011

Tough Girl Loves Daddy

Ella loves, Loves, LOVES her Daddy. She is excited to see him every day. One thing she likes to do when he comes home from work/training is to walk down to the mailbox with Dad. She gets excited just to see the key to the mailbox. :)

She's quite a tough little girl. She loves to get down on the floor with the dogs while they wrestle and has a blast getting thrown around by them. Jade is her personal couch-she's always lounging, cuddling, nuzzling etc. into her. As expected, she also loves to wrestle with her Daddy, and will run full speed into him, giggle and scream while he tickles her.

I can hardly keep this little cutie inside all day. As soon as a door opens to let the dogs out or greet a visitor, she's on the move trying to get into that sunshine. She loves being outside walking around and visiting all of her friends in the neighborhood. Friday afternoon is always exciting for's garbage day. We get lots of big garbage and recycling trucks coming through the neighborhood and she can just sit on the sidewalk and watch them all day long.

Well there's just a little update on our baby girl for right now. As for the other one, she is doing great, moving and kicking almost constantly, (until Bleu tries to feel my tummy go "bump"). I am in the third trimester and the excitement and reality is really setting in that we will have TWO very shortly. I guess she's getting excited, too. It seems like each time I am high in activity I start having contractions, so I'm upping the water intake and trying to take it easy so she can cook a while longer. So no more woofle ball or basketball for me. ;) Lavender oil helps those muscles calm down, too so we are keeping everything under control... NO WORRIES! :) Just filling y'all in.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Ella loves to play peek-a-boo and has been pretty inventive with her different ways of doing it. This is the blanket version, but she also uses her shirt, and she's been peeking around corners like mom and dad do sometimes.

We had Sara and Gavin for Easter dinner. Sara brought some colored eggs and Ella thought they were pretty interesting.

Once she started eating the shell we decided to get rid of it. It was pretty slippery and slipped out of her hands right onto the plate of Deviled Eggs. :) LOL After a good laugh she sat in her high chair and dissected it for a while. Good Easter fun for the little one. :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Well the news is pretty much out. Ella's going to be a big sister this Fall. The funny thing about it is that we got quite a big surprise at the doctor's office ( On April 1st.) I went in thinking I was 10 weeks along. The week before I kept looking in the mirror thinking "why am I showing already?? I guess the third time around doesn't take long to stretch back out."
I was doing the little hold the belly in while I was in public and everything. :)

So we are in the doctor's office telling her I think I'm 10 weeks and Bleu thought about 12. So Doc says " well, let's take a look". The first thing I see on the ultrasound screen is an ARM. with FINGERS. and then she goes to the side and I see a PROFILE.

Doc says "I think you're further than you thought" Ya. apparently. So she did a few measurements that all indicated a gestational age of more like 18 1/2 weeks. OH MY. I made it almost half way through my pregnancy without even realizing it. LOL! That's the way to do it!