Friday, December 14, 2007

Here's Some More Pictures...

Wooohooo!! The Fall Semester is finally over! Now I just have three weeks to put together a wedding!! It's exciting. Well now that I have a spare minute (Literally) I thought I would put a few more pictures up because I think we are SSSOOOOOO CUTE!

Tucker and I decided to take a walk over to the Elementary school one bright, brisk Sunday morning. There's only one thing he loves doing more than playing in the leaves, and that's playing in the snow. He loves to go outside to run and play.

When Bleu comes home from work, we mostly hang around the house being lazy...........

Sometimes he's so serious.

Have you noticed that Tucker is ALWAYS laying right in between the two of us?? Just like a kid. My boys fight for my attention. Sometimes it's cute, sometimes it's annoying.

MMHHMMM.... I sure do like this one. Can I keep him, ma? Huh? Can I??

Well.... That's all I have time for now. I'm excited to see everyone for Christmas!! I love you all!!


Monday, November 26, 2007


Aren't we the Cutest!? I don't know if anyone else besides mom and trina got to see these, so i'll just put some up here.

This one is my super most favorite. i don't think Bleu likes it cause he's not smiling, but i think it's sexy.

You have to have at least 12 kissing pictures, right?

Oh, yeah. he's so handsome!!

yep, we're stinkin' adorable. well, that's all for now. the library is closing. Love you all!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We Have A Blog!!

Wow.. I actually got around to getting on here with y'all!! I've been enjoying keeping up with everyone. I didn't realize how much I neglect keeping my family involved in my life till Sean said: "I don't want to put my foot in my mouth, so I'm just gonna ask.... who are you engaged to?"
So I guess I should keep everyone better posted now, huh??
WELL, here's what we've been up to in ZION!

Tucker and "Aunt Bethanie" shared thier first jack-o-lantern experience together. They were both very intrigued in the whole thing!
I'm sure he likes her better than me because she's so nice to him. As soon as he starts to whine, Aunt Bethanie comes to the rescue! Bleu and I call her "Softy"

We had a Halloween/Birthday party that was pretty fun. Here we have a Magic 8 Ball, Nerd, Tinker Bell, Jane Fonda, and a Red Sox fan.

This picture is a little dark, but Bleu was Peter Pan. Notice the very short skirt and leggings(on him, not me). That's how much he loves me. ;)

Aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww........ My two boys are so cute!