Monday, February 25, 2008


Well, here's the results-- and there's just one! Bleu still thinks that the other one is hiding, but Dr. Lukinaar says there's just one but I have a big uterus.........and a big tummy. It was really fun to go and to see that it's actually in there growing! We even got to hear it's tiny, but fast little heartbeat.

I'm sure you mommies out there know what all this is, but in case some of you are lost like I was, that black circle on the upper left is the uterus, and the little blobby thing inside is a baby! on the bottom of the picture is has the measurements, (6.2mm) and approximate gestation (6 weeks).
So there it is! it's really exciting! You know, even after the TWO positive pregnancy tests, growing belly, and icky stomach, I was kindof not completely grasping the fact until we went to the doctor and she turned on the sound to hear that heartbeat. Bleu and I looked at eachother with the biggest smiles!! Now that it's sinking in, and there is something tangible it's a whole new excitement! I'm really looking forward to seeing all you girls in May.
As of right now we are not planning on finding out the sex yet. Bleu thinks that I won't be able to wait, but I'm going to try. Bleu wants a "Daddy's Girl" and I'm thinking I want a "Momma's Boy". So we'll see if I can contain myself through the summer. That's all I have for now!
Love you all!!
Mickaela and Bleu

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Good Pictures

So I just realized that because I'm posting this second, it will be on top of the list of postings. So I guess you can look at the next post before this one, or whatever you want. I'm still new with the blogging thing, so whatever.
Okay... here are the good pictures. And I don't mean good as in better, I mean in the other ones maybe half of the people in them are looking at two different cameras or just something else alltogether. Okay? So nobody go off and get all offended cause "Mickaela said the picture of me was bad!"

So my favorite is that we are all of the sudden "SHY". That's what my roommate Bethanie said. She always complained about our public displays of affection. Don't get her wrong, though, there were plenty. But we would always try and kiss in front of her just to get a reaction.

So when she saw this picture she said "So why are y'all shy now that you're married? Why weren't you shy when I was around??"

More being shy, but I think these are cute pictures. Kristi did a really good job at these. She wouldn't really tell us when she was taking pictures so alot of them were candid. I told her to take as many as she wanted because I think the subject in a candid shot is natural and looks more relaxed. That's just my preferance. I don't like posed pictures, so all of them are great in my opinion.

This, however, is the only picture that was planned. I don't know why but I have always wanted a picture like this. I was thinking that the different heights of the Lillies would make things a little more interesting, but I really liked how it turned out. Again, I give props to Kristi for making sure each flower was in it's own specific spot to get just enough of my face to catch some emotion and still hide enough to get the shot that I wanted. Bleu didn't like it cause he wasn't in the picture. :)

This one is my favorite mostly because I have NO IDEA when it was taken. I can't remember Kristi standing over us taking pictures. So when I saw it I was so surprised. I think it's such a cool perspective, I'm just bummed that you can't really see Bleu's face.
But it's still a great picture.
So that's all for now. Sorry I only update once every 6 Months, but life and school and job and everything is just crazy busy. Especially no internet at home.
See ya'll later, hopefully soon! Love you all.


Finally!! My computers at school have been telling me that my disc is blank till today, but holy mongenzicka's it worked........ Here they are!!

Our beautiful family-- we didn't really get a great bunch to pick from, but this is the best we have. My favorite is Janie down in the front. She looks about the same throughout the series, but trying to hold a smile in more and more as you go along. It's great. It's also the only one where Nan isn't completely out of sight!! :)

So I was super creeped out that Dad and Redge were insistant on holding hands. They thought it was pretty darn funny and Mom and Jan seem to be okay with it, so whatever. I still think it's creepy so this is the last time I talk about this picture, got it?

So we'd been married for about an hour, and I was already afraid for my life. Well at least we were sealed, right?? :) I really don't know why picking me up and jumping into the cove was a grand idea, but I'm still alive.

Now onto the Good Pictures:

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Tammy tagged me so I guess I should fill it out....I was way excited to be involved in one of those "married people things!"

What is his name? Bleu Marcus Hawkley
How long have you been married? One Whole Month!
Who long did you date? Which time? The first time we dated about a month, then a week or so and then two weeks. Then he snatched me up before I could get away again. :)
How old is he? He's Turning 21 on March 28th.
Who eats more sweets? He Does. he always disappears to the neighbors house and comes home chewing Reeces Pieces or Hot Tamales.
Who said I love you first? He did.
Who is taller? he is by an inch or so but i'm taller when i wear my Doc's.
Who can sing better? me, i guess, but he sings more and whistles all the time.
Who is smarter? i think we are both really smart in different things. i'm more into reading and learning that way and he's more into building and technical things.
Who does the laundry? both, but he usually does.
Who pays the bills? he does.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? we haven't really decided yet, i started out on the right side, but we switched. right now we both sleep in the middle. lol
Who mows the lawn? AWW..... the joys of apartment living.............
Who cooks dinner? He usually does because i'm home late from school. but i cook every now and then.
Who drives? he always drives. i think i've only driven once. i love it.
Who is more stubborn? we are BOTH stubborn but i venture to say he's pretty stubborn sometimes. i have given up a number of times. (yes, dad it has happened on occasion)
Who kissed who first? I kissed him because he wouldn't do it!
Who asked who out first? he did, and i turned him down three times.
Who proposed? he did
Who has more siblings? he has 5 and i have 6.
Who wears the pants? he definately wears the pants. and that's great by me.

I want mom to fill this out and put it on our home page. Why don't mom and dad ever post???