Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hungry, Hungry Hippo

It's been four weeks already! Sara took our monthly picture last night and I am surprised every time. I don't realize how big I'm getting till I see the picture. :) It's exciting.

So here we are at 21 weeks. Dr. Luikenaar said that the top of the uterus is right at my belly button, which is exactly where it should be. That's a good sign that the baby is growing at the right pace.

Of course we have the first "modest" picture to send to Bleu, which I'm sure all of the females will see, too. Every time Bleu introduced me to the females in South Carolina, they said how excited they are for me and how cute I look in my pictures and they've seen all of my ultrasound pictures, and on and on. Bleu is a proud daddy. :)

And here we have the scandalous skin picture. My Relief Society President kindly mentioned "why, you're as big as Jenny was right before she had her baby!... How far along are you? Oh, well you are going to... at this rate, you... " :) She means well. Inside my head I hear the song "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas"

This is just me and Sara being dorks. I was laughing while we were taking pictures, and my stomach was bouncing. I shake my stomach, pat it, and I was looking at how far my belly button stuck out and she thought that was funny and wanted a picture of it. So there you go.

Well that's all for now, I just wanted to show everyone how we are both growing! I love you all!!


Matt and Heidi said...

You are soooo cute! I think you really must be the most adorable pregnant woman ever!

Stacy Carroll said...

Hey Mickaela, its Stacy Carroll. I was doing phones today and browsing and saw your blog so I thought I'd say hi! You should check out mine and Matt's blog, I think its funny how similar the names are!

Torrie Nicholas said...

Mick I think everyone is forgetting how little the rest of your body is so your belly looks bigger in comparison. There are so many people that don't "Show" until the end because they have a belly to begin with so pass that one along. LOL Just thought I'd try and make you feel better. Did it work?? :)Very cute belly. The other picture of you and sarah didn't show up.

Bleu and Mickaela said...

It does make me feel better. I knew beforehand that people would make such "kind-hearted" remarks.... I take them with a teaspoon of salt. ;) But Bleu thinks it's the most beautiful thing... so... ya. I had another lady stop me at church the other day just to tell me how beautiful and glowing I am when I'm pregnant. I think we can be friends. LOL!