Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dear Universe:

Some questions for you...

1. Why does my kitchen NEVER stay clean?
2. If death is part of life, why is it the hardest part?
3. I don't get jet lag. It's 8:30 and Bleu is out like a light. Why can't our brains change time zones, too?
4. How come 9 months is only an eternity when you are pregnant.... and when you aren't pregnant, it's gone before you know it?
5. How come I forget EVERYTHING that is important, but can remember the most random details that don't make any difference in anything?
6. Where are my keys?
7. I don't understand that we get up every morning, go to work, come home, go to bed, get up, go to work..... etc. Tell me again why I wanted to grow up so bad??
8. Why is money so important, and what would life be without it?
9. Why can't I be good at Math?
10. How do motivated people stay motivated? On second thought... How can I stay motivated?
11. Why do we (humans) have to be so stinky? Really- We fart, poop, sweat, we get morning breath, and just all day bad breath...... I'd like to smell like the forest, personally.
12. Why was I so bendy and flexible in High School and now I can't touch my toes? (besides the big belly in the way)
13. How come being pregnant can be so wonderful and awful at the same time?
14. Why can't women hand off the pain to the husband for a weekend-like vacation from pregnant pain. I vote that goes into consideration.
15. Why do I want to eat very peculiar things? And where did all of these EMOTIONS come from?


nEtTiE*sKeTtiE said...

LOVE this! My friend Christy, (just had her baby saturday) but her lips were chapped and she also couldn't breathe, so she put some mentholatem on her lips and said that is smelled so good that she wanted to just stick her hand in it and start eating it. Her husband asked her why and she said "Bc is smells like dirt." Ba ha! The funny things of pregnancy! And! You know what I wonder about the whole "time" thing. I wonder how can a year go by so freaking fast when he is here and then when he is gone it goes slower than dirt.....ya time...its a big issue....

muumar said...

Tell me why the stars do shine......... What a journey. Yes why did you want to grow up so fast. Wasn't life so much easier before. But then look at what you would have missed. Each chapter has its own positives and negatives....learn, learn, learn. I misss my mom.

Torrie Nicholas said...

Very clever girl. Your mind amazes me. I just don't have the time to think anymore. LOL

I miss your mom too mom!

Bleu and Mickaela said...

Lynette, Have you ever had California Rolls (sushi) with Chocolate Milk? Or Sunday Roast, potatoes and carrots with Orange Juice? DE-licious. What's with that? :)

Stacy Carroll said...

I love it! So, so true!

brant and katie said...

LOL. You must be pregnant. I wonder the same thing about growing up. It's not as fun as I pictured it would be when I was a child.