Monday, February 2, 2009

Family Day, Graduation, and AIT

I was able to fly down to see Bleu for Family Day and Graduation. It was really cool. Bleu met a guy named Steven Cooper who is living in Lehi with his wife Graceann and son Blake. He enlisted in Murray, and was sent to do training in both his and his wife's home town. :) So Graceann has been visiting Columbia since the middle of December. Cooper's parent's let me stay in a house they own and is up for sale. So we spent most of our time with the Cooper family, and they are a great welcoming and friendly family.

The Coopers and I went to Fort Jackson around 9 to get a good seat. Family Day didn't start till 10 and it was cold outside. We all forgot blankets, I didn't bring my jacket, and we had a three year old boy with us. So Shari (Cooper's mom) bought two blankets, and Jon (Cooper's dad) bought some hot chocolate and we all got to know eachother and sat close and shared blankets. :)
After they got through all of the stuff nobody came to hear, the big guy in charge went to the podium and asked what we were there for and a few people shouted "to see our soldiers!" He said we must not want to see them that bad, and asked us again. Everyone shouted "to see our soldiers!" He said "I don't think they can hear you. WHAT ARE YOU HERE FOR?" And everyone started screaming "to see our soldiers!" and stomping on the bleachers, whistling, and making all kinds of noise. And he yelled into the microphone "WELL THEN LET'S BRING 'EM OUT!"

Then from across the (huge) field, in the woods, there came smoke grenades colored yellow, purple, and green. That made us all start screaming and making even more noise. You could vaguely hear Toby Keith's song "Courtesy of the Red White and Blue".

They all came running and yelling separated into platoons. It was hard for Graceann and I not to cry. It was the best sight.

The guy told us that we should be proud of what our soldiers have accomplished and how they have learned respect, loyalty, leadership, etc. He said that we were basically done and we could be reunited with our soldier, but they were going to stay exactly where they are untill we find them. "So go find your soldiers!" The bleachers gushed people. It's a good thing that Bleu told me he would be in the back. I tried to look at the faces, but they all looked the same. So I just went straight to the back row only to see lots of the back of everyone's heads. I was trying to look at the sides of their faces, but it was hard because they were all at attention! But I spotted one watching me out of the corner of his eye, so I grabbed him and kissed him. Good thing I picked the right one!

We spent Family Day on base and saw the baracks, some shops, and hung out at the park for a few hours. I did have my first super-crazy pregnant craving and that was California Rolls and Chocolate Milk. :) Bleu laughed and said "Are you serious?... ugh.. you are pregnant!" He had to be back by 9 so we dropped both Bleu and Cooper off till Graduation.

Graduation was longer, and we were there earlier. Both Bleu and Cooper were anxious to get off base so we left right away and had lunch. Bleu and I were both tired, and all he wanted to do was have a long hot shower, take a nap and be in civilian clothes. So we were dropped off at the house and spent the day just napping, cuddling, spending time together and talking about the past, present and future. We had dinner with the Coopers at their home and drove back to the base to drop Bleu off. It was a quick trip and it all went by so fast, but I'm really glad I was able to go.

When Bleu got to Fort Eustice, Virginia, he found out that there is another group that hasn't finished their training yet. So they get to wait. They may not start their training till the first part of March, and it takes 15 weeks to complete. The National Guard will most likely be the first to get a spot if one opens, but if their group doesn't start within the next two weeks, he won't be home in time to be here for the baby's birth. We are pretty dissappointed, but I'm taking it as a blessing in disguise. While Bleu is in training, he is considered active duty and the Insurance covers all of our medical bills. So if the baby is born while he's gone, it's covered 100%. I am anticipating lots of therapy, casting, and maybe surgery in the next few years, so it is definately a blessing that the delivery will be covered by the insurance so that we can get a head start on the others.

So there's another herdle to clear. It is going to be an adventure, and I'm sure we will learn some valuable things from it all. It's strengthening to mine and Bleu's relationship. We are learning to come together as husband and wife even over the miles apart. Life is rough. But if it was easy, we would all be pretty bored, wouldn't we? It gives me something to think about and to pray about and to be greatful for. :) This too, shall pass. Someday I'll look back and understand everything and say "that was easier than I thought!"

Someday. But that day.. is not today.


muumar said...

You're awesome.

Torrie Nicholas said...

Mick I'm SO glad you were able to go. I'm sure Bleu was very happy to see you too and your growing belly!! Love Ya