Sunday, January 11, 2009

From the mouths of Babes....

This year's theme for Primary is "My Eternal Family" and Sharing time today was about temples.

We talked about why temples are important and why they help us get an eternal family.

The teachers all told the kids which temple was their favorite, and of course all of the women said that the temple that they were married in was their favorite and the two men both said that the temple in their mission was their favorite.

Well we have a new member of the Primary Presidency so she was able to hand out stickers to all of the kids for participating in the lesson. Before she gave them a sticker, each child was asked to tell her their name and which temple was their favorite.

And here are some of the answers that we heard "from the mouths of babes", or our sunbeam class.

  • "The one my mom and dad went to."
  • "The one up on the hill and it's really big."
  • "The Hawaiian Temple"
  • "The United States Temple"
  • "The one that's really tall and it has Jesus' friend on top of it."
All of the teachers were getting a big kick out of it. Then one of our oldest kids said his favorite was "The California Temple" and we asked which one, he replied "I don't know but it's in California."

I love Primary.


Ryan and Danna said...

Little kids are just too darn cute.

brant and katie said...

I had to ask Isaac which temple was his fav since you told me this story. He said his fav was the holy light temple. I'v never seen that one.

muumar said...

Oh , the innocence of youth. Makes you wonder what they see in their little minds. Probably an honest-to-goodness temple