Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mommy's growing

During Christmas Break, Bleu said that my tummy was getting big. I said of course it was.... and he said "no, I mean like since I've been home!" I didn't really notice much till I had Sara take a picture. :)

This is me after a big meal at 13 weeks. When I saw the picture I thought I looked like a mutant because my stomach was so big and I blamed it on the food from the Ward Party.

This is me at 17 weeks. Bleu wants pictures of me while I grow, but they won't let him have any pictures if there is "too much skin." He said that they probably would take my belly pictures away. How dumb is that?? So this is the no-skin picture for Bleu.

And this is my scandalous "too much skin" picture.. Crazy difference, huh? People aren't afraid to ask if I'm pregnant anymore cause I really do look like it now. The funny thing is that there are a few other girls that I know who are further along than I am and you would never guess that they are pregnant. They barely have a pooch at all, and I'm a hippopotamus. But that's okay cause I'm so excited and proud of my big tummy. Bleu loves it, too. And that makes me feel great.

The girl that took our wedding pictures is really excited because I asked her if she wanted to broaden her portfolio with some prego pictures. I think it will be fun. I think I'll take some around the middle of the pregnancy and then right at the end. Then a few of the baby right after he's born. We are both excited about it. It will be a new experience for both of us.


Torrie Nicholas said...

Awww how cute is your belly. I think you are adorable pregnant. I wouldn't call you a hippo at all or any other name for that matter. What a cute baby boy he is already. :)

Love Ya!

Sean and Tammy said...

Those are great! I remember being pregnant with Quinn and being a lot bigger then people that were further along. It didn't bother me until someone (an lady that wasn't pregnant and was FAT) told me I was gaining to much weight to fast. Then it didn't bother me it just made me really mad at her. The only "bad" this I was eating was VANILLA ice cream before bed. He was just growing the way he should and ALL out front. {can you tell that lady still bothers me?} Oh well, it's all off now and I weigh less then I did when I got pregnant. At least you have an excuse, you are going to have a beautiful baby boy!

Tweena, Cheena, Whatever... said...

Look at you! so tute! I love you! your a cute prego momma. haha. I'm excited for you! We all love that baby so much already!

Matt and Heidi said...

I love your belly! I hope when I'm pregnant I will show alot! I'm gonna want everyone in the world to know I'm having a baby! Keep posting pictures, you're sooo cute!

Ryan and Danna said...

Mickaela!! I found your blog! And you are pregnant! YAY YAY YAY!! YAY for babies!! We need to catch up girlie. We live like right by each other and we haven't hung out. Which is totally my fault. I need your phone #. I am going to have my baby soon! I only have 6 days until my due date. Anyway, congrats! I love you!

muumar said...

You are beautiful. Such a wonderful part of life that can't be described only experienced.