Monday, January 12, 2009

One Down... Infinity to Go!

Well yesterday was mine and Bleu's anniversary. Can you believe it's already been a year? I asked him if he thought it went by fast and he said that there were some parts that did, and some parts that didn't . I agree. The first 6 months took a long time... between getting used to being married, going back to school, getting pregnant, enlisting in the Army, miscarrying...... that was a full 6 months. :) The summer was nice. We played on the company co-ed softball team and worked the same schedule, ate lunch together, came home at the same time....... The fall was exciting because we had just discovered that we have a little bundle of joy on the way!

Bleu was able to call me last night and we got to talk for a few hours. It was a nice anniversary present. For only being gone just over a week, we sure did have alot to talk about. Plus we knew that he won't have the opportunity to call next week so we will go two weeks without talking to eachother. Bleu leaves for a seven-day camp out this Friday. He said that basically when they get back, they will turn in most of their gear and get ready for graduation. It's exciting that it's coming so quickly.

I have never been anywhere east of Montana or Wyoming- so I am pretty excited to be able to fly to South Carolina for Family day and Graduation day. We will be able to spend some time on and off post before he leaves for AIT.

Bleu said that there will be a lot more freedom at AIT. We are thinking it might be like him going to school away from home, like a study abroad. There is rumor that there might be two to four men in a room, or appartment. He also said they might be able to have computers there. If that's true, he will probably buy a laptop and a web cam so we can talk to eachother more often and see eachother's faces. It sure would be better than just talking on the phone for an hour once a week!! So we are both very excited about seeing eachother at the end of the month.

As for the wee one, we are still waiting on test results. I guess I'm not too worried, because sometimes I forget all about them. Who knows if that's a good sign or not. I have felt him moving and doing summersaults a few times. Sometimes it's exciting, and sometimes it makes my stomach irky... But I love to feel it either way. I'm really really hoping that daddy will have a chance to feel him when I go to graduation, but we'll see. For now we will just take everything one day at a time and enjoy it while we can.


muumar said...

I'm sure you are getting excited to go see him. That will be fun. I hope he can feel the baby also. I think you must have piece of mind if you are able to forget about things. Do you have your flight plans made?

Ryan and Danna said...

Happy Anniversary! The first one is always so exciting! I remember thinking wow, a whole year! That's a long time! But then you look at people who are on there 50th and you realize it's not very long at all :)It's just the beginning!