Monday, June 8, 2009

Bleu's Coming Home!

And I don't mean hello.
I mean goodbye.
Cause we are leaving!
To Hawaii!
For a whole WEEK!

Bleu and I decided we need a vacation and LOTS of time together. We didn't get too much of a honeymoon when we got married besides two nights in a hotel.... and both of us were sick..... and I went to school two days later.
We talked about going to Hawaii before we got married, just after we got married, a while after we got married..... and now we've stopped talking about it. I just booked the flight and hotel. My heart was POUNDING! I've never spent that much money all at once--YIKES! But we've been saving for something like this for a long time, and BY GOLLY, WE NEED A BREAK!

Just so you all know the latest, Bleu is on the list for deployment in September. (another reason Hawaii sounds nice) It's a "most likely" situation. Bleu seems to be okay with it on the outside, and I've come to terms with the idea. Bleu and I have been apart for half of our marriage, and we will still be apart for half of our marriage when he gets home in 2010. But I've thought about it all and I would just rather get it over and done with. I thought of ways to postpone, but it's inevitable...... so why not just do it now before we have any kids and I'm working.

I have thought about some different options that I have, and I might go back to school and get my CNA. I've thought about it before and after the wonderful care that I received at the hospital, I think I would enjoy doing something like that. We are also thinking of buying a house, but might need to wait till Bleu gets a job. We aren't sure if we will be able to get one before he leaves, but we will try. He really wants to work at Airport #2 in West Jordan as a Helicopter Mechanic.

We decided that no matter what happens---whether he leaves or stays---we are going to have a great summer together and do lots of things like camping, hiking, and whatever else we come up going to Hawaii. :)



J&L Photography & Design said...

Oh how exciting! I bet you're already packing and ready to run out the door! :) That will be so much fun! Take lots of pics!

Carlson Clan said...

I'm so excited for you Mickaela! Hawaii sounds great right about now and no two people deserve it more then you and Bleu. Sorry to hear about the deployment. It's a difficult thing. I'll keep you guys in my prayers!

Ryan and Danna said...

How exciting and adventerous!! You deserve a fabulous vacation more than anyone I know, so go have fun and enjoy yourselves :)

p.s. you should also look in to being an MA if you are thinking you want to do something medical. That is what I am and I love it! It goes CNA, MA, and then RN. So as an MA you don't have to o quite as many "dirty" jobs as a CNA does, but you can work pretty much anywhere medical. Hospitals, clinics, all of that. Just something to think about :) Have fun, love ya!

Matt and Heidi said...

Are you going to go back to Wakiki or somewhere different? i'm so jealous, that sounds like so much fun! Congrats on taking the plunge, lol! My brother is currently deployed, and it stinks, but i can see what you're saying about getting it over and done with. Hopefully he won't have to go back!

Tim and Amber said...

Hawaii?! you deserve it! Have a ton of fun!! :)

Derek and Mary said...

How fun!! Hawaii is so much fun! I know what you mean about being seperated for half of your marriage! Derek was always gone on different things and missed almost 2/3 of our marriage, it's crazy! Enjoy yourselves in Hawaii!! Oh, and I realized that you don't have access to our blog, so if you want to just email me.

Torrie Nicholas said...

SWEEEEEETTT!! You both so deserve a nice long trip together. When are you going. Hey wait so you don't want to come to Wyoming for the 4th. LOL wink wink