Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quick Update

I went to see Dr. Luikenaar this morning, and since I'm 30 weeks, I was hoping to measure around 34 cm because I've been 4 cm too big the past two appointments. Well, no such luck. I am 36 cm. Dr. Luikenaar didn't seem too concerned. She said that she's seen women measure 50 cm before. (I REALLY REALLY hope it doesn't come to that)

She did check my cervix like Dr. Byrne suggested, and said that I'm dilated to a one, but very long. She said that it's further than she'd like to see me at this stage, but again, not too worried.

The baby's heartbeat was fine, and my blood pressure, temperature, and weight (160.5!) were all fine, too. So I see her again in two weeks. I have an ultrasound a week from tomorrow, so we will see what's going on inside then!

I'm still getting used to the bed rest thing. It's so hard to stay down when there is so much that I want to do. But I have a stack of books, and I get bigger and more uncomfortable every day so it gets easier to stay down because of the contractions.

Bleu gets to come see me this weekend. He's excited to have a turn taking care of me. His training is going pretty good for him. They are doing more hands on training, so it's more entertaining, but the computer and classroom stuff still drives him bonkers. He's in student leadership and has some authority and responsibility so that takes up a little more of his down time. He's getting good grades, and just can't wait to come home. He is still planning on applying for the mechanic job out at airport #2 in West Jordan when he gets home. So that's the plan for now.

Well that's all till next time! Love ya


Carlson Clan said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you're having contractions already! Good luck with the bed rest. Hopefully you will make it seven more weeks! That would be great. Have fun with Bleu this weekend. I've done the military wife thing and it can be really challenging when they're gone. Especially when you need them so much.

Matt and Heidi said...

I'm glad you're still feeling ok, it's good that you're not dilated much yet. Hopefully it stays that way! I'm glad you get to see Bleu this weekend so he can spoil you to death! yay!

Torrie Nicholas said...

Ok, so just shush about your weight you still weigh less than me and your towards the end of your pregnancy. LOL Anyhow, yes take it easy, it will be interesting to see Bleu's reaction when he sees you. It was great talking to you the other day and it will be fun when you guys get to set up the baby's room!!!! ;)

Bleu and Mickaela said...

LOL Torrie, I'm just way excited to be able to see, and touch my feet again in a month or so. Plus my eating habits are way better than they used to be, so I'm excited to see how much weight I will lose. I'm SO excited to set up the baby's room!! It was good talking to you too.

borninseattle@blogspot.com said...

I am glad that your dr. appointment went well. I am sure you are excited for the ultrasound. Hopefully you will be able to see his little face. Our baby has such low fluid that we really can't see anything. He has his hands and feet in front of his face as well. I am so glad Bleu is coming home this weekend! I hope you two have a great time together.

muumar said...

Bleu is going to choke when he actually sees you. It's just not the same on camera. I hope he just holds you and the baby all weekend. You are such a strong lady and an amazing examle.