Friday, August 29, 2008


So this is my curiosity. And another way to get the ball rolling.... again.

What do you talk with your spouse about?? Obviously if you work at different places, or one works and the other stays at home, you talk about what you did during the day. Aside from the day-to-day things, what conversations do you have? How do you verbally express appreciation to eachother, what are the little things that build eachother up??

okay, I can tell you're thinking about it, now go! comment, post, blog, you bloggers, BLOG!!

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nEtTiE*sKeTtiE said...

For me, I would say something as simple as a note in his lunch or even packing him a lunch can show appreciation. It really is a fantastic question becuase there are days that Bailey will call and there will be nothing new to be said. Sometimes it gets old to talk about your day. Have dinner all prepared and set by the time he gets home or wake up and make him breakfast. Give him a foot message or...whatever you married people do. Lol. Bai and I like to think of the most random questions we can and see what the others response is. Or do the question asking "Would you rather..." Thats always fun and creates alot of discussion. Love you!