Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Finally!! My computers at school have been telling me that my disc is blank till today, but holy mongenzicka's it worked........ Here they are!!

Our beautiful family-- we didn't really get a great bunch to pick from, but this is the best we have. My favorite is Janie down in the front. She looks about the same throughout the series, but trying to hold a smile in more and more as you go along. It's great. It's also the only one where Nan isn't completely out of sight!! :)

So I was super creeped out that Dad and Redge were insistant on holding hands. They thought it was pretty darn funny and Mom and Jan seem to be okay with it, so whatever. I still think it's creepy so this is the last time I talk about this picture, got it?

So we'd been married for about an hour, and I was already afraid for my life. Well at least we were sealed, right?? :) I really don't know why picking me up and jumping into the cove was a grand idea, but I'm still alive.

Now onto the Good Pictures:

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brant and katie said...

I.m glad I finaly got to see some of your pictures. Mickaela you are Beautiful!! Hey by the way I would like to see the rear shot of you. LOL that sounds funny what I realy wanted to see was your hair that I did. I don't mean to brag but I impressed myself.
Love ya,