Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Tammy tagged me so I guess I should fill it out....I was way excited to be involved in one of those "married people things!"

What is his name? Bleu Marcus Hawkley
How long have you been married? One Whole Month!
Who long did you date? Which time? The first time we dated about a month, then a week or so and then two weeks. Then he snatched me up before I could get away again. :)
How old is he? He's Turning 21 on March 28th.
Who eats more sweets? He Does. he always disappears to the neighbors house and comes home chewing Reeces Pieces or Hot Tamales.
Who said I love you first? He did.
Who is taller? he is by an inch or so but i'm taller when i wear my Doc's.
Who can sing better? me, i guess, but he sings more and whistles all the time.
Who is smarter? i think we are both really smart in different things. i'm more into reading and learning that way and he's more into building and technical things.
Who does the laundry? both, but he usually does.
Who pays the bills? he does.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? we haven't really decided yet, i started out on the right side, but we switched. right now we both sleep in the middle. lol
Who mows the lawn? AWW..... the joys of apartment living.............
Who cooks dinner? He usually does because i'm home late from school. but i cook every now and then.
Who drives? he always drives. i think i've only driven once. i love it.
Who is more stubborn? we are BOTH stubborn but i venture to say he's pretty stubborn sometimes. i have given up a number of times. (yes, dad it has happened on occasion)
Who kissed who first? I kissed him because he wouldn't do it!
Who asked who out first? he did, and i turned him down three times.
Who proposed? he did
Who has more siblings? he has 5 and i have 6.
Who wears the pants? he definately wears the pants. and that's great by me.

I want mom to fill this out and put it on our home page. Why don't mom and dad ever post???


brant and katie said...

It's about time you put something on your blog. I was so excited to get the internet and checked you blog so many times and now finaly there was something there. I realy enjoyed your tag I did one to on my glog so u should go read it. It was fun.

Love you and can't wait to see your belly. Are you bothered by people touching your belly? If so pregnancy could get interesting for you. Right Camille? I didn't mind people I knew touching my belly but not people I didn't know that well. Okay Blah Blah Blah

Love ya,
K Dia

Phillips Phamily said...

I agree with Katie. You should update your blog more often! I love to check them all out! Love ya! Nan

nEtTiE*sKeTtiE said...

hey sweet cheeks. grandma is sitting by me and told me to tell you that she doesn't know how to post and dad doesn't care to. BUT I LOVE YOU! Tammy is teaching her how tho so soon enough! maybe? lol jk. i love you and hope that i can see you soon! i'm sorry plans go all messed up when i was there. bai is kinda deaf...but we really are plannin on comin up before too long....before april anyways. i love you keep textin me!