Monday, February 25, 2008


Well, here's the results-- and there's just one! Bleu still thinks that the other one is hiding, but Dr. Lukinaar says there's just one but I have a big uterus.........and a big tummy. It was really fun to go and to see that it's actually in there growing! We even got to hear it's tiny, but fast little heartbeat.

I'm sure you mommies out there know what all this is, but in case some of you are lost like I was, that black circle on the upper left is the uterus, and the little blobby thing inside is a baby! on the bottom of the picture is has the measurements, (6.2mm) and approximate gestation (6 weeks).
So there it is! it's really exciting! You know, even after the TWO positive pregnancy tests, growing belly, and icky stomach, I was kindof not completely grasping the fact until we went to the doctor and she turned on the sound to hear that heartbeat. Bleu and I looked at eachother with the biggest smiles!! Now that it's sinking in, and there is something tangible it's a whole new excitement! I'm really looking forward to seeing all you girls in May.
As of right now we are not planning on finding out the sex yet. Bleu thinks that I won't be able to wait, but I'm going to try. Bleu wants a "Daddy's Girl" and I'm thinking I want a "Momma's Boy". So we'll see if I can contain myself through the summer. That's all I have for now!
Love you all!!
Mickaela and Bleu


seantam00 said...

How exciting! I know when we had our first ultrasounds it always seemed a little more "real". As for not finding out ~ it was a lot of fun not to know with Quinn and I think we will do it that way again.

muumar said...

Amazing, isn't it. Sometimes I wish we would have had the choice when I was having babies. But, I've heard things fall off (or grow)during labor and delivery even when the ultrasound told something different.Which ever, it is very exciting.

Torrie Nicholas said...

Awwwww look at that cute little peanut!!! I'm so excited for you and happy that there is only one. eeek who knows maybe there is a "Daddy's Girl" and a "Momma's Boy" in there. :)

Love Ya

Can't wait to see you too!

brant and katie said...

Thanks for Sharing!!
That is great, I too really enjoyed listening to the heartbeat. I thought it would be fun to have one of the home devices with headphones so you could listen yourself at home. I would probably do that a lot if I had had one. Well I love ya and best of Luck.