Thursday, February 4, 2010

Butterfly Express!

Let's start at the very beginning, it's a very good place to start. :) So during class a while ago our instructor handed out a flyer for an Essential Oils company called Butterfly Express. I have never thought of essential oils before and didn't know much about them. Well after looking over the flyer I thought "well, gee! I could use all of these oils!" So I sent a few of my favorites to mom for my Christmas List and she got me six oils and I LOVED THEM! I teasingly told Bleu that basically everything on the flyer was my list for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, etc. :o). So about a month ago he started telling me that I should go through the list and tell him which ones I wanted right now and we could get started. SO I went through with him one night and gave him a list that he could choose from. He wanted to surprise me, so I just told him all of the ones that would be great to have and let him at it. Well, after he placed the order he told me that not only did he get EVERYTHING on my list, he got a few more that he thought would be good. WHAT a stinker. Love him.

The plot thickens-- the next morning I got a call from Butterfly Express and they said "because your order was so big,..." again.... Love him. "...we were wondering if you would be interested in becoming a wholesale rep." They explained some more and after talking with Bleu, I was changing my order to one of EVERY oil blend they have and a few extras. SWEET!

Yay! I am now a Butterfly Express Wholesale Rep. Woohoo! Take a look at all the goods! I was waiting for my package to come and when it did I was THRILLED and started opening them up and using them right away. SO why this is such good news to all of you??

I will pass on the savings! I can give you 20% off of your order. If you just let me know what you want, I will put in an order and tell you how much you owe, I can even have them ship it to you! Neat, huh? I've already ordered some for Katie and my boss, and mom and I are working on an order right now. It's so much fun! There is an oil for just about everything from Arthritis to anxiety to warts and Digestion. If you want to browse, go to and take a look. But you can't get the 20% through the website, just through a wholesale rep--like me! :)

Also, Butterfly Express has monthly specials and discounts so I will be posting them here, too.

So let's get started!!
  • 10% off the Chakra Kit
  • 15% off the following oils:
Clary Sage
  • Buy all 6 of them for 20% off.
  • There is a new blend this month called Manuka
And as always, I need to practice my zoning, so give me a call and I will use my oils on your tootsies!!


The Tindall Family said...

Arn't husbands the best gift ever!!! They seem to be the gift that keeps on giving lol! I am so excited for you!!! Congrats! Me and Mom are ready for a zoning too! Your great at it!

brant and katie said...

just an update. I love my oils and went to a basic oil class that butterfly express did and I really enjoyed it.

houseofgirlsandjohn said...

i found your blog while researching butterfly express. can you tell me how much you ordered to be able to be a wholesale rep? my email address is thanks for your help. Also, r u still using the oils?

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Greg Edwards said...

How do we order from you?