Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kami Kraziness

I've been promising more pictures and videos of Kami.
Well, here they are. She is just the funniest thing. She has had me laughing all day.

I have discovered a few things that are interesting about her this week. She attacks the broom when I sweep, and attacks the Swiffer when I mop. She hates the noise the Swiffer makes when I push the button to spray the solution. She wants to cuddle when she's tired and thinks that I should get off the phone and pay attention to her! She hates the sound of "hold" music on the phone, but loves to hear Bleu on the phone. She likes people more than dogs, and loves loves loves kids. She's usually perfectly content sitting in my lap licking my hand when I want her to be still. She hates the camera, and wants to bite the dog that's on the screen. Haha. Oh, and she thinks that when I have my hair in a bun that it is her responsibility to chew it up and pull it out.
videoSo here's the story about the box. Bleu's cousins got a Build A Bear for Tristan and I took it out of the box and set the box down. Kami was really intrigued by it, so I pushed it over to her and scratched on it to see if she would play with it, but she didn't seem to interested. So I just left her and went back to what I was doing. After inspecting the box, she sniffed, cocked her head and barked at it a while. Then she bit into it, then she just took off and came back and picked it up and just started running all over the house with it. And..... well.... yeah. The movie explains it.
So then I was trying to get a picture of her next to me to show how big she is. And it was almost working. She would look at the camera just until the light would go off. So they are all fuzzy, and then when I was taking pictures of just her, she didn't like the camera facing her. It's pretty funny.

Oh, Yeah. She likes to lick. Love her, hate that about her. :)


Carlson Clan said...

Oh man that last picture of her licking you is CLASSIC! So funny. I don't like it when dogs lick either. She's super cute and it seems like you're having fun with her. I'm glad you have some company!

Carlson Clan said...

Oh, and you look GREAT by the way! =)

Brett and Cherice said...

What a cute dog, I love her! That last picture is great! I hope you are doing good:)

Tim and Amber said...

she is sooo cute!! hope you are doing well! I really admire you and how you are dealing with everything. You are awesome!!

Matt and Heidi said...

Awwww! She's so stinking cute! Licky dogs drive me nuts too, it's like, Why do you have to lick me to say hello? can't you just wag your tail like everyone else?

The Tindall Family said...

Thanks so much for letting Mikaela play with Kami! She loved it and has been waiting to see her forever! lol It was great seeing you too and I hope all is gowing well!!!

Torrie Nicholas said...

LOL so funny your puppy!! I love picture on Tristan's stone. Have you been keeping in touch with the girl you met at the airport at all? Thanks again for Zoning my feet but I forgot how to do the sit up one. It was great to see you at the Christmas party and congrats on the great ultrasound!!