Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Well the news is pretty much out. Ella's going to be a big sister this Fall. The funny thing about it is that we got quite a big surprise at the doctor's office ( On April 1st.) I went in thinking I was 10 weeks along. The week before I kept looking in the mirror thinking "why am I showing already?? I guess the third time around doesn't take long to stretch back out."
I was doing the little hold the belly in while I was in public and everything. :)

So we are in the doctor's office telling her I think I'm 10 weeks and Bleu thought about 12. So Doc says " well, let's take a look". The first thing I see on the ultrasound screen is an ARM. with FINGERS. and then she goes to the side and I see a PROFILE.

Doc says "I think you're further than you thought" Ya. apparently. So she did a few measurements that all indicated a gestational age of more like 18 1/2 weeks. OH MY. I made it almost half way through my pregnancy without even realizing it. LOL! That's the way to do it!


Deanna said...

Congratulations!!! Way to get almost half way without realizing it!!! LOL!

Danna said...

Wow! That is the way to do it! Congratulations Mackaela! You make adorable babies :)

Matt and Heidi said...

yay!!!!!!! Congrats!

Carlson Clan said...

SOOOO excited for you! Ella is so stinking beautiful and I'm excited to see another one. =) I'm glad you're feeling well and congrats!

Queen of Kings said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats sister! So exciting that is the way to do it not even know you're that far awesome! Hope everything goes so good for you! YEAH!!!!

Tim and Amber said...

oh wow!! congrats!!yay!!!

Stacy Lynn Carroll said...

Congratulations! That's pretty amazing you made it so far without even knowing it!

Brett and Cherice said...

That is the way to do it! Congrats!!! So so exciting!

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borninseattle@blogspot.com said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you all! Ella is going to be fantastic big sister and is so cute! I love seeing the new pictures of her. I am glad that this pregnancy is going so fast and smoothly!!! Thinking of you often. Love, Katie

Torrie said...

That's awesome. Wish I could have done that with some of mine. LOL

Joe and Lis said...

Yeah!!!!!!! Congratulations!!

De Rosa said...

Yea for babies! You guys are awesome parents and Ella is going to make a great big sister. Congrats to you guys and your cute family.

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