Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Wow. SO much has happened that I don't even know where to start!

Okay well I guess I will start with my health. I haven't been to a Doctor since my last post simply because there hasn't been a need to be! Yay! I have been having my feet zoned and have been feeling much better. I have been having some pain in my kidney, but we are thinking that it's getting back into the swing of things and needs some time to work better. I've been working on the emotional and spiritual side of my life and it feels great. It's a lot of work coming from the depths out into the light. It was a huge climb in a short amount of time, but we are almost there.

Well some of you have heard that we moved! It's true! And it was quick. Bleu knew how much I didn't like being in the apartments, so he was determined to find me a house to rent that would allow a dog. He and I both want a dog, but for different reasons. I want company and someone to give my attention to, and he wanted someone to be here to protect me. :) Well, we found this cute little house just six block away. It's about 1,000 square feet and the landlord is charging us less than our apartment. Super great. So we found this house on a Saturday, and looked at it on a Monday, signed a lease on Wednesday, and were completely moved out of our apartment by Saturday. Wheew!

So here is my cute little living room. There are built in shelves on the wall and corner shelves.

My kitchen has lots of storage and an original drain-sink. I love it.

Because we don't have our on-site pay to use washer and dryer, we had to buy some. Oh, darn. Bleu got me some gently used front loading stackables and they are amazing!!
One week later..... I told Bleu after we had been looking at dogs for what seemed like forever, I told him, " I'm tired of looking at dogs. The only two that we agree on is the doberman and the great dane. Just pick one." That very same day, he came to work with a steel blue colored great dane puppy with blue eyes. She's the sweetest little thing ever and She's so smart and very well behaved for her age. Just after a day or two of practice, she will sit and stay, and we are working on lay down. She knows that she's not allowed on the carpet, and does pretty good when there's nothing baracading the doorway. She's very curious and playful. She cuddles when she's sleepy and plays on her own as well as with Bleu and me.

These are from the first week we had her. She's already grown so much and will keep growing and growing and growing...... We named her Kami and as you can see, she LOVES Bleu. She loves when he comes home and plays with her. It's cute, but I'll admit I get jealous every now and again. :)

Okay that's all I can do for today. I will report later!!


Stacy Carroll said...

So cute! I think every family needs a dog! Congratulations on your new family member and on the house!

Matt and Heidi said...

what a sweet little puppy! And your house is super cute too. Congrats on the new digs!

Carlson Clan said...

Hooray for you! Your house looks amazing. I love your built in shelves. I'm glad you'll have some form of company while Bleu is gone. Thanks for the email. I promise I'll send you one sooner then last time!

brant and katie said...

your house looks cute I want to come see it. And you puppy of course is adorable I want to see her too. Hope all is well love ya.

Torrie Nicholas said...

So much fun.....Puppy Love!! I'm so glad you found a house you are going to love the room!!! YEAY!! Just curious.... have your read the book yet. I have another one signed by the author for you I need to send. My friend got it for you and signed so I didn't dare tell her I already got you one.

Tweena, Cheena, Whatever... said...

Love the house! Love the dog! Love it. One suggestion... I got yelled at by a dog trainer because I didn't associate Baggy with lots of dogs when she was a puppy. So take her to the dog park tons!

borninseattle@blogspot.com said...

Your new puppy is adorable! I am so glad you got to move into a house! John and I are looking forward to that day. I am very happy for you, thanks for posting the pictures!

J&L Photography & Design said...

Yeah! Puppies are so much fun! :) Congrats on the house! What a great find! :) Your kitchen is awesome! I love it! :)