Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update on Life in the Crazy Lane

Well Hawaii was amazing. Scuba diving was AWESOME. The beach was great. It was super nice to get away - just the two of us and enjoy eachother's company.

Because two weeks off work just wasn't enough for me, I decided to go ahead and get 1st and 2nd degree burns on the back of my legs. hmph. I didn't really decide that, but I was the one dumb enough to depend on keeping my legs underwater. Bad idea. Horrible idea.

Today, almost two weeks post-burn, I am almost able to walk normally and without grimacing. I tried to go to work Monday and was sent home by my boss. So I went to my doctor and when I showed her the burns.... ( which were now deep red in color and mostly covered in blisters) I made her gasp. Yes. LITERALLY gasp and "oh.. no...." over and over. She told me that it's basically one big open wound and to consider myself scolded. She is having me treated as a burn victim. I've been slathered with ointment, covered in gauze and wrapped with ace bandages. Plus given antibiotics and awesome pain killers. I have to change the dressings twice a day, which Sara has been wonderful enough to help me with for the first few days. Now I've mastered it on my own. It's humbling to go to a doctor and show her what I did to myself, but I'm so glad that I went in because it's helped so so much. I'm on the second bout of blisters, and my left leg's skin has turned black, but I feel so much better. The swelling in my legs is down dramatically--my right knee is almost able to straighten. But my feet are still an issue.

I had the opportunity to see a Reflexologist in Farmington that's a friend of Bleu's family. She zoned my feet and talked to me about all of the emotions that go alongside the problems I'm having with my kidneys and overall health. It was great to actually have an idea of what I can do to help fix it! there are alot of things that need addressed, and I have a lot of work to do, but now that I know, it's like a new light. I feel like there is an end in sight and it's very encouraging. I will be seeing her again soon, and I also have an appointment with a Nephrologist later in the month.


Danielle said...

Oh I am so sorry! Hope you get feeling better soon!

Matt and Heidi said...

The burns sound awful! I'm glad they are getting better, but oh my goodness! Keep doing what they tell you and hopefully you'll be feeling so much better soon!!